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1000 plekken

You always thought that Belgium, being such a small country, had been turned inside out for too many times? Wrong! The facts: Santina and the three other autors who realised this book, were asked to write a thousand columns. The goal was to focus on unknown spots and surprising anecdotes. Parks, pubs, museums, shops, brasseries, hotels, churches, paintings, sculptures, festivities… walk in a long parade of classics and discoveries. The result is a book that reads as a bright collection of short stories, illustrated with over 500 photographies, made by Johan De Meester. ‘1000 Places’ can also be used as a travel guide, to see with your very own eyes the hidden Belgian treasures. Exploring the backside of the moon - why should you? The plus-point of Belgium is that you never have to travel all that much to enjoy amazing places!

Text (amongst three others) Santina De Meester, photography Johan De Meester