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20 x Journeys with your dog

For every dog the ideal journey goes as follows: after a right big breakfast leaving the house! Be honest, has anybody a better idea for a vacation? Groenreporters selected ten 'dog friendly' regions in Belgium, later on we continued with an edition about Flanders and one about the Ardennes. For every chapter we chose 3 walks, for small and big dogs. After your walking tour you can relax with your best friend at your feet in one of the 20 hotels and restaurants, where your dog is more than welcome - even if it's not a breed that fits in your pocket! We visited all the adresses and spoke to each and every owner to check if the 'dog friendliness' was genuine.


Text: Santina De Meester

Photography: Johan De Meester


Edition Lannoo, Tielt

ISBN 978 90 209 75680

144 pages

A5 format