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The art of gardening is one of the most complicated of all arts. You work with living materials and you are depending on a lot of facts. Thanks to her lifelong experience as a designer of gardens, as a border specialist and as a gardener Dina knows all the odds and ends of this art. In her book 'Dreamcombinations' - a follow up of her bestseller 'Secrets of the Border' - she explains without withholding any of her tips and interesting tricks, how to create your own border and 'raise' it. Or as Dina states it: 'Gardening is all about knowledge and a powerful hand for painting with the pencil of your fantasy.' 


Text: Dina Deferme

Re-writing: Santina De Meester

Photography: Johan De Meester

Edition Lannoo, Tielt

ISBN 978 90 209 8174 2

160 pages

A4 format