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Vier seizoenen in Belgie

Abroad in Belgium? Groenreporters put a highlight on their favourite spots in every month! The journey goes up and down the country, from the ‘far west’ to the ‘deep south’. In the month of April you can spot the flowering orchards in Haspengouw, in June you can enjoy the Gaume. Winter is a delight at the seaside: geese can be spotted in the polders surrounding the small town of Damme and you can collect shells at the beaches along the Northsea. Every chapter contains a short and a long walking tour. In summer there a biking tours, in winter car tours let you discover the area. To tempt you away from home, Santina and Johan De Meester present restaurants and hotels. The unusual size of this book follows needlessly the overwhelming panoramic photographies!

This book was translated into French as ‘La Belgique au fil des quatres saisons’ (Editions Racine, Bruxelles). Has also been released as an A4-format as ‘Vier Seizoenen op stap door België’